Thursday 15 July 2010

Late 70s Kids!

The Lockett Brothers' first musical venture: "The Hot Club Of Neasden" a Dixieland outfit, active on the Isle Of Wight in the 1970s. Left to right: Dorian Lockett: cello; Phil Collins: E flat bass euphonium; Steve Martch: trombone; Neil McPherson: alto saxophone; Gerard Trevett: trumpet; Mornington Lockett: clarinet; Martin "Chirpy" Lewis: trombone; Dave "Buddy" Chivers: drums; Gary Lee: banjo; Andy Rayner: piano; "Richie" Richardson: double bass. We think this was about 1977. Photo taken to celebrate Richie's retirement as school head caretaker. A classic, never-to-be-repeated lineup!

The Goose Island Syncopators, Ventnor circa 1979
My first earning band, although sometimes payment was a complimentary barrel of Ventnor's own Burt's Bitter between the guys. This band had an encyclopedic knowledge of the works of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke, so it was a fantastic learning experience. The leader Jack Tait (centre) had a similar urbane, switched-on personality to Ronnie Scott and Stan Tracey so he certainly set me up for what was to come.

Here Gerry Low has swapped the trombone for some sort of souped-up kazoo device for the shout chorus. This band was incredibly fun to be a part of:

Sunday 11 July 2010

20s Kids!!

My Dad: Mornington Lockett snr. aged 4, sister Madeline and cousin Norman Simpson circa 1928, The Borough, London